Welcome to the Hummersknott Allotments Association Limited (AKA KnottyPlots) web site

We are a privately allotment society owned by our members and run by a group of volunteers. The allotment site covers 4.42 acres in the Hummersknott / Mowden area of Darlington. The society came into being on the 1st May 1917. Before this the area was the kitchen garden and orchard for Hummersknott Hall. For more about our history please see the "Our History" page.

If you are interested in joining us please see the "Getting an allotment" page.

Apple sale on 2nd November

The apple sale raised £70.45, including £10 for Brian’s jam.

Macmillan coffee morning on 28th September

We have sent a grand total of £320 to Macmillan cancer support. A big thank you to everyone who came.

Jean's courgette and lime muffin recipe

Click here for Jean's courgette and lime muffin recipe as per the request at the coffee morning.

Remember the birds and bees

Our smaller feathered friends can become trapped in plant netting when looking for food and water recently. Help them by ensuring that yours is fixed securely enough to keep them out and by leaving fruit scraps and dishes of water somewhere easily accessible and away from netting. The bees struggle to find a drink in the dry weather so they could also benefit from dishes of water left out. Remember to put a stone or gravel inside the dish to enable them to walk down to the water with minimal risk of drowning.

Fruit on a tree belongs to the person who rents it

Produce on fruit trees belongs to the person who rents the tree and should only be picked by that person, or with their permission. Windfalls may be taken.

Open day on Saturday 10th August a great success

The open day was a great success with over £1,500 being made. Donations have now been made to the Great North Air Ambulance Service and St Teresa's Hospice - see below images showing allotment members handing over the cheques. An additional £125 was made from the sale of honey which went to the Darlington Beekeepers Association.

Cheques being presented to the local charities by allotment members:

Presentation of cheque to Great North Air Ambulance by KnottyPlot's member
Presentation of cheque to St Teresa's Hospice by KnottyPlot's member

A letter of appreciation from our president, Derek Lindsay:

Jean has circulated details of the takings from our Open Day and I am sure you will agree we had a brilliant outcome in that regard. Important as it is for us to raise some money for our own funds and to help the charities we support, opening up our gates provides an opportunity to show off our wonderful allotments, while encouraging our visitors to think about the life-enhancing effects of time spent on the plot. Some local residents have been attending for a number of years and I think that suggests – whether they call to buy veggies or chat with friends over a cup of tea and cake – we have some significance as a local amenity over and above the gardening facilities we provide. All of the baking produce was sold and remaining vegetables will be offered to local foodbanks – further indication of local community commitment. 

Members and friends have, again, been very generous with their donations and time to create a successful occasion. I know that those of us involved in organising and conducting the event derive a lot of satisfaction from the work and seeing a successful outcome is sufficient reward. We started the day wondering whether we would be washed out by the torrential rainfall which was forecast for the afternoon but continued with our preparations rather than cancel at that stage. We, obviously, made the right call.

Many thanks all round.