Bees were reintroduced to the allotments, after many years absence, in 2011. Initially there were three, then shortly afterwards four beekeepers, now seven plot holders or spouses are involved in the activity. All are members of Darlington Beekeepers’ Association and are undergoing continuous training to attain relevant qualifications from the British Beekeepers’ Association. Ownership of the bees and equipment is shared by the beekeepers, the allotments association having made a financial contribution to assist in the purchase of some equipment, which has been acknowledged by donations of honey for sale at open days.

A list of contact numbers for our bee keepers is on our "Contacts" page.

If you do not disturb the bees they will be unlikely to be aggressive, but should you be unfortunate enough to be stung try to remove the sting(s) as quickly as possible without squeezing venom into the injury. First Aid kits containing antihistamine cream and tablets are located at the allotments end of the building near the main entrance which houses gardening machinery, in the summerhouse and in the pavilion. Should you have concerns about potential allergic reactions to stings and bites or anything else, you are advised to consult your GP and in the event of an attack to attend A&E without delay. There is a book in the first aid box at the main gate for recording bee occurrences.